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Greenly CBD Oil Overview:

  • Each bottle is 1 oz. / 30 ml. with ~30 servings per bottle (depending on dosage)
  • 100% Raw Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with <.03% THC, making it non-psychoactive
  • 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Organic
  • Quality 100% guaranteed
  • Suitable for pets
  • Our CBD oil is lab-tested to ensure purity and potency

Choosing The Potency:  When choosing potency (250 mg, 500

mg, or 1000 mg) it’s best to start low and gradually increase dosage until you get the desired result.
Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Coconut (MCT) Oil
Shipping:Always Free Shipping within the USA
*Not designed for vaping  

December: Cannabis Cup

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Customer Testimonials

"I've had anxiety for many years, it's made it very hard for me to make crucial decisions and I usually pause when it happens. Greenly's CBD helped me relieve that anxiety and think much for clearly and I've been making a ton of progress. I can't thank you guys enough for this product."


Jason R.-  24 NOV 2018

"I bought Greenly to compare it to a few brands I've tried and Greenly's 500 MG bottle feels more potent than the 600 MG bottles I have from other places."

Marcus D. - 3 OCT 2018

"Have a lot of back pain and have been able to replace pain killers with cbd. I use cbd every day so it is important to find one that works well for me. I've tried a few others but have noticed the quality can change significantly over time. Figured I'd try Greenly as I heard good things from a friend. It has worked wonders so far. "

Philip  -  20 OCT 2018